Enterprise Applications

We build full-scale Enterprise web applications and Mobile apps. We have done over 50 major software projects in the last 3 years for businesses in social media, healthcare, payments and machine learning. We can guide you from start to finish on your latest product venture.

Our IT infrastructure services include Service Operations Center (SOC) Management, Cloud Solutions, System Engineering Support, Network Support and Desktop and Server Support (L1 / L2).Discover More

Professional Services

Our employees have expertise on multitude of technology platforms across a variety of industries. From Legacy application support to Business Intelligence, Deep Learning and AI/ML, we are supporting several customers in the USA, Japan, Australia, Singapore and Middle East. 

Our captive Finishing school enables employers to induct talent “just in time” and significantly reduce investments and efforts towards employee re-skilling and upskilling Discover More


We offer a variety of training programs for fresh graduates and experienced professionals. The programs encompass latest technologies, methodologies, communication, leadership and soft skills. Our trainers are specialists in their respective fields and have worked for several years in the industry. Our state-of-the-art training infrastructure and best-in-class learning tools enable you to learn at an optimal pace and become productive within a short duration.

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