Are you looking to enhance your skills? We offer a variety of programs to suit your interest and background.  All programs are job-oriented and offer various placement opportunities

Do you already have the skills the industry needs?  Contact us at once.  Our technical team will assess your skills and identify suitable opportunities.  Our clients have hundreds of openings at entry and lateral levels and you may be the one that will fill the position.  Click here to see the Current Openings.

Technology Programmes, Software Development & Testing

Learning new technology can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. We would show you all the skill sets that are required to understand technology, while you bring along the mind set to learn.

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Aptitude, Communication & Soft Skill Programmes

Learn how to inspire, influence, and engage with people. To attain success, you need to master interpersonal intelligence and we would show you how to master them and effectively communicate.

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Core Engineering Programs

Besides IT, we provide skill development and employment in other industry sectors  – Banking and Financial Services, Engineering Design (CAD), Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (Claims Processing).

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